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Discover how our students are going from complete BEGINNER to finding WINNING projects every single week.

Discover how our students go from complete BEGINNER to finding WINNING projects every single week.

Watch this FREE case study and apply below...

How we made 450% returns,
in 40 minutes...


How we made 450% returns, in 40 minutes...

If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at CONTACT@100KCREATORS.COM
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100k Creators Inner Circle
NFT Mentorship Application


From 0 to 27k PROFIT
in less than 1 week:

  • without handling any physical products
  • ​without any followers (no fans on Facebook, no email list, and no paid marketing)
  • without any previous customers
  • ​without wasting time with nightmare clients who are never happy
  • ​only creating content we WANT to create
  • ​outselling most other NFT's on the marketplace
  • ​selling content that's been doing nothing except sit on Instagram
  • ​​with ZERO prior experience

... and PROFITABLE from DAY 1.

60+ pieces SOLD OUT in just

6 Days

to complete strangers

Look at the screenshot below...

Just hours after our first NFT release on this platform, sales started coming in slowly...

I started to communicate with buyers, and after a few days...  bigger payments started coming in.

And within 6 days, we had sold out 60+ pieces for over $27k... to complete strangers!


No Following, No Paid Marketing...

These are all images that were on Instagram for FREE, selling as NFT's for up to $3500USD. 
  • without any paid marketing
  • without previous customers or following
  • without nightmare clients who are never happy
  • ​without any experience with NFT's

... and it was PROFITABLE from DAY 1.

"Would people really

buy MY content?"

I know how you feel. When I first thought of selling my art as NFT's, I questioned myself.

"Nobody is going to buy from me if they don't even know me."

"There's so much art out there, why would they buy mine?"

But here's the thing...

All You Need Is The RIGHT Audience...

Just look around...

There's thousands of accounts on Instagram with AMAZING content, but no following. The problem isn't the art. The problem is, they don't know how to put themselves in front of the RIGHT audience.

We put our NFT's in the right places, in front of the right people, and create HYPE around our work. 

You can do the same with your content. Our first release sold out in 6 days, all to people who had never seen us before. 

You just need to put your product in front of the RIGHT audience...

Then it's a snowball effect!

Once you have your first customers, we use two KEY strategies to build hype for your next release.


Customers want to be loyal, so give them reason.

Actual messages from a customer of my first release.

5 Reasons

To Sell Your Content As NFT's

✅ Reason #1: No Content Marketing
That means no more relying on posting FREE content on Instagram in hopes that it will attract brand sponsored content, print store sales, or clients to book you in...
Get paid for the work you produce NOW. Just follow the 100k NFT Action Plan.
✅ Reason #2: No Wasted Time
Don't make the same mistake many other content creators do. They spend months, or even years trying to build a following on Instagram, just to make money from sponsored posts, then... Crickets!

It's better to sell your content while you create it, and focus on upskilling your craft.
✅ Reason #3: No Followers Needed
You can sell out with MINIMAL followers, fans, subscribers and NO email list. We'll show you how to put yourself in front of real buyers.
✅ Reason #4: No Experience Needed
Our first release made $27k with NO experience... No step-by-step action plan, and no idea how to make the most of each sale. I'd literally never sold my art before, in any form. And I DEFINITELY didn't know much about NFT's.

Now I've made the mistakes, so you can get straight to the fun of making sales.
✅ Reason #5: Sell MORE For HIGHER Prices
Create a relationship between you and your buyers and build trust. It's this trust that will help you increase the order value with other products and easily sell MORE of your work. There's no limit to the amount of digital art you can sell, and we'll show you exactly how.

Here's EVERYTHING You Need To Build Your SELL OUT NFT Collection

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If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at CONTACT@100KCREATORS.COM
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